The 2nd CCS Forum will be held in Athens, Greece, on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th December 2015.


Under the 7th Framework Programme, a number of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) research consortia were formed to address the low-carbon energy objectives outlined by the European Commission (EC).

This series of meetings brings together academics involved in these cutting-edge projects to disseminate results and technological developments. Contributions are also made by associated industries and governing bodies who provide an insight on the current status of CCS implementation across Europe.

CCS remains an important component of the proceeding research and innovation programme, Horizon2020, and the “Secure, clean and efficient energy” strategy. To meet the ambitious goal of reducing gas emissions (GHG) in the EU by 80% by 2050, CCS must be deployed at an accelerated rate. As such, these events provide an invaluable networking opportunity for future Horizon2020 CCS calls related to this challenge.

The 1st International Forum on Recent Developments of CCS Implementation was held in Athens, Greece, on the 26th and 27th of March 2015.

The 2nd CCS Forum will be held in Athens, Greece, on the 16th and 17th of December 2015.

Objectives of the events

  • To bring together the foremost academics and leading industry representatives in the field of CCS from across the EU.
  • To provide a platform for valuable data and technological developments to be shared between EC FP7 and other leading research projects, and industrial end-users.
  • To deliver an industry and policy-maker perspective on CCS implementation in the EU.
  • To establish and foster relationships between industry, academia and governing bodies.
  • To generate new collaborative research ideas and consortia within the EU CCS community, and beyond.
  • To provide networking opportunities for future EC Horizon2020 CCS projects.